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    Quality of Life

  • Retail in the city centre

    Retail in the city centre

  • Soft factors of regional development

    Soft factors of regional development

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    Vacancy management

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Centre of City and Regional Management (CCRM)

Centre of City and Regional Management was created with objective to bring more effectiveness to implementation of research and development projects. The Centre is an institutional part of the Department of Human Geography and Regional Development at University of Ostrava, whose staff also runs the Centre. The establishment of the Centre represents a reaction to the needs of practice and current trends in local development in the whole Czech Republic. CCRM cooperates with foreign institutions with similar orientation.

Research and development activities of the CCRM:

  • Fundamental research of development/underdevelopment of different types of regions (and territories) and research focusing on causes of regional disparities. Fundamental research of partial aspects of local and regional development, mainly the topic of restructuring and modernization; de-industrialization and re-industrialization; urbanization, sub-urbanization, re-urbanization, environmental changes, tertiarization and tourism; integrated transport systems; workforce migration and functioning of cross-border labor markets, etc.
  • Fundamental and applied research of development management of (a) underdeveloped (b) old industrial regions, in particular Ostrava region and Moravian-Silesian Region (or North Moravia region with integration of Jeseníky region). The research will be made by way of application of marketing management as an innovative concept of development management of territorial units. Research of innovative concepts of local development management with focus on innovatively oriented planning.
  • Intensive research of role of private and public actors in local and regional development (Innovative milieu).
  • Scientific evaluation of impacts of PESS EU.

Educational activities of the CCRM:

  • Innovation of study program „Geography and Regional Development"
  • Creation of doctoral study program „Regional Development"
  • Application of module „Geography and tourism" in life-long learning
  • Creation of module „City and Regional Management and Marketing"
  • Creation of specialization oriented on „business geography"
  • Education of public administration bodies and private sector

Human resources:

RNDr. Petr Rumpel, Ph.D. – Head of CCRMnetregio_foto_ostrava.jpg

Research topics: regional and city marketing, regional development, innovations

RNDr. Petr Zufan, Ph.D.
Research topics: modernization and tertiarization of agriculture, rural development

Mgr. Tomas Boruta
Research topics: transport in urban systems, destination management

Mgr. Ondrej Slach, Ph.D.
Research topics: city management, regional development with focus on soft factors

RNDr. David Walter Novak, Ph.D.
Research topics: project management, environmental and rural geography

Mgr. Blanka Marková
Research topics: Regional and city marketing (city management), Tourism Marketing and Management, Cultural policy, cultural governance, Creative industries and creative clusters

Other cooperating members within the Department of Human Geography and Regional Development:

Mgr. Ludek Krticka
Research topics: GIS applications

Information leaflet about the Center for Urban and Regional Management for download here.