Conference Ostrava 2006

Innovation in development of municipalities, cities and regions with focus on marketing management 

In2006, from May 29 to May 31, the Department of Human Geography and Regional Development organized international conference „Innovation in development of municipalities, cities and regions with focus on marketing management", which was held on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of University of Ostrava foundation. More than sixty invited guests, who gathered for the conference on premises of Ostrava Science and Technology Park, were welcome by the opening speech of Dean of the Faculty of Science, Doc. RNDr. Petr Šindler, CSc. Following contribution was made by RNDr. Petr Rumpel, Ph.D., who apart from delivering his own paper also acted as a moderator of most of the discussions that followed after the contributions of all speakers. „The principal aim of the conference was to foster the necessary discussion among the representatives of academic sphere, public administration and regional development, and management of municipalities and cities. I think we achieved this goal thanks to inspiring good practice cases presented by local and foreign speakers, "he added.

German and Austrian experts on municipal and regional marketing were the biggest "attraction" of the conference. Representatives of one of the most experienced companies in implementation of municipal marketing in German speaking countries (CIMA GmbH), Mag. Roland Murauer and Mag. Ing. Georg Gumpinger, delivered papers outlining the problems of municipal and regional marketing, both focusing in their on applicability of their concept in all-European context. The director of the research Insitute für Stadt- und Regionalmanagement Prof. Dr. Joachim Vossen stressed in both his papers the necessity of innovative professional education of the public administration officers and the transfer of knowledge, which was demonstrated on the example of Bavarian city of Regensburg. Thought-provoking contribution was made by Dr. Sabina Lange from Regional Verband Ruhr, the institution playing key role in the process of restructuring the mining region of Ruhrgebiet, which underwent changes similar to the Ostrava agglomeration. In particular, the contribution dedicated to the regional marketing highlighted the aspects and factors, which were neglected until now. Appropriate presentation and promotion of these aspects can help in raising the image of Ostrava and other deprived regions not only in the framework of the Czech Republic.

The positive feedback from the conference participants convinced the organizing team about the need of arranging meetings about this topic more often and above all regularly. „It is necessary to present the outputs of research and good practices to the public on a continuous basis. Only in this way, the professionals and wide public can come to consider the notion of municipal marketing not only an empty phrase, but really a contributive concept of managing the development of local authority," closes Mgr. Ondøej Slach, who was in charge of the organizing team. The discussions between the contributions showed the indispensability of the feedback and transfer of knowledge between the academic and public sphere.